Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camping with the Mattison Gang

We went camping with all the Mattison's over the week-end. We camped up near the Rim off the Young turn-off. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins, shooting guns, and riding the quads. The weather was beautiful- the perfect mixture of rain and sun. If only I didn't have to pack up to go camping and unpack when we returned.
Garron and Cole
Kaylie climbing in the trees
Allen's truck got stuck in the mud (it was quite muddy when we first arrived). Keith also got his vehicle stuck too (twice!!).
Lacey in the tree...
Max teaching all the kids how to shoot.

We all enjoyed riding the quads.
Hannah, Lisa, Lacey, and Noah off for a ride.

Garron and Brendon Keith and Ben
Karlee, Jeff, and Cole
Lisa and Kalli
Max Mattison Family with Harley Dog.
Gail and Allen Mattison
Trenton was in a quad accident. One of the kids was driving and Trenton was on back. The quad ran into a tree, flipping the quad over. Trenton was pinned between the tree and the quad. We were grateful that he walked away with only scratches and bruises.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dawn's birthday!

For my birthday, I went out for a girls day with my mother-in-law Gail, and my sister-in-laws Penny, Tara, and Lisa. We had so much fun. We went to lunch and Aribbas Mexican restaurant in Ahwatukee and then went and got pedicures.
I forgot my camera when we went- so this picture was taken later (Tara wasn't there. so she owes me a picture)
Our cute pedicures.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Heywood Reunion

A few day after we got home from our trip, we were back on the road. We had a family reunion up in Snowflake. Max had to work and Kaylie had dance practice, so I took the rest of the kids up. We stayed at my parents cabin in ShowLow. The reunion was at the Stratton's House and it was so fun getting to see all our cousins again.

Garron and Trenton at the Pioneer Day's Parade in Snoweflake trying to scoop up all the candy.
Pops and Nans at the Stratton's house.
Lacey out in the field at the Stratton's.
Kandace and Mallery Arnett
Garron with his cool cousin Nolan Arnett
Trenton out in the field.
Garron playing with badminton with the kids at the park in Show low. We met up with the Stuart's (Cynthia, Cara, and Cia with their kids) and had a little picnic at the park.
Karson playing badminton.
Shaye Shaye Girl playing at the park.
Trenton and Lacey climbing trees.

We stayed up at the cabin for 5 days. I enjoyed all the afternoon monsoon showers and the kids enjoyed playing with the Arnetts. While I was up there, mom took me to get my birthday presents and also took Kandace and I out to lunch. We had a great time just relaxing and playing hearts with Pops. We were especially glad when we finally beat him!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 16 of our trip

The final day of our trip had arrived. We were all a little excited to get home. We had had such a fun trip and made some great memories, but we were ready to be home and the kids were missing their doggy "Harley".

Our flight wasn't until 6pm, so we weren't in any of a hurry to get moving. So we took our time getting packed up, said our goodbyes to Trace, Tank, and Ruby, and headed out to the subway. Our last stop was in Jersey, at Rutt's Hut where they make the famous "Rippers" (hot dogs that are deep fried).

Garron, Lacey and Max in front of Rutt's Hut.

After lunch, we started our drive back to the Newark Airport. We turned our rental car in and headed to the airport.
Max sitting at the airport, probably thinking "I wonder how much our credit card is at now!". On our flight home we had a little mishap- or I'm not so sure what it was but... Lacey was doing the "I need to go to the bathroom" every 1/2 hour and I was getting a little bugged. After the second time going, she sat down and not even 30 minutes later she says to me, "I think I need to go again". I tell her she can hold it for awhile and do something else for awhile to distract her. Well, about 30 minutes later she informs me that she couldn't hold it and went a little in her pants. I tell her to get up and go to the bathroom, but as she gets up I notice that she didn't go a little in her pants - but a lot!!! The whole chair is soaked and her pants are drenched. To make a long argument short.... she had to sit it her wet pants for over an hour while we waited for the plane to land. What a way to end the trip. I really felt bad for the flight attendants and whomever was suppose to sit in that chair next!!

Well, we finally made it home and were able to sleep in our own beds.... YEAH!!! But Man, Arizona is HOT.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 15 of our trip

We had quite an eventful day today. We somehow had to fit everything we wanted to see in Manhattan in one day. We started out early and took the metro to battery park and to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Trenton in front of memorabilia from the World Trade Center that is on display at Battery Park.
Trenton and Lacey picking the Wall Street Bull's nose.
The construction site where the twin towers were located.
The kids on the ferry going to see the Statue of Liberty.

After we toured Ellis Island, we headed down to Wall Street and to where the World Trade Center was located. We took the metro once again back up to 45th street so Kaylie could attend a dance class at the Broadway Dance Center. She was able to take a Hip Hop Class and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time so she was only able to take one class. She can't wait to go back to take more classes!

Kaylie outside the Broadway Dance Center!
The Kids and I at Time Square. We were able to see the Naked Cowboy, the huge Toys R Us store, and the 3 story McDonalds.
Trenton inside the Toys R Us store.
Trenton and Lacey posing by the indoor carousel.
Trenton loved all the Legos that they had on display- especially this one of Pirate Jack.

We then headed up to Rockefeller Center and to another toy store the famous FAO Schwartz.

The kids with the FAO Schwartz entry guard.
Playing on the famous "Big" movie piano that is in FAO.
Garron with the hulk at FAO.
The kids at central park.

Lacey holding "Ruby" my Aunt Tricia's dog that Trace was watching while my cousin Ashly was away. Trenton with Tank. We loved watching Trace get Tank revved up. Trace would put his hand up and act like he was going to hit whoever was holding Tank and Tank would start barking and go ferocious on Trace. The kids thought that was so funny. They would beg Trace to do it over and over again. Sorry Trace, poor Tank is going to need some counseling now.
We had dinner that night at "Patty's", a restaurant across the street from Trace's Apartment- which was delicious. Then, of course, we went next door to have one last night of ice cream. Trace was such an awesome host and we so appreciated him for letting us crash at his place and spend time with him. Kaylie informed me that Trace offered to let her stay there and she could take more dance classes and they could be roomies...Trace, you shouldn't offer things like that because she might just take you up on that. We were sad to see the day come to an end, knowing that we were leaving the next day.