Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We went up to the cabin for the Easter weekend. We painted eggs and had an egg hunt while we were up there. Unfortunately, we all had to get back on sunday for Easter "church" things to do, so we all left late Saturday evening. But we had so much fun being with Papa and Nans, Mandy and family, and Chase and Shalyse.
Garron decorating the COOL egg!
Kaylie experimented with foil paper on her egg.
Lacey made some amazing eggs with stickers, tye dye paint and crayons.
Trenton went for the quick route... he wanted to play.

Beau decided to paint his egg.
Ellie liked putting all the eggs in the holders that came with the kit.
The kids right before the egg hunt. Papa hid a 10 dollar egg, that all the kids were dying to find.
Trenton was the one to find it. It doesn't look like he was too excited to find it- but he really was. He just didn't want to stand for a picture...what a little stinker. I should take his money away.
Papa also hid a 50 dollar egg for the adults. Unfortunately, Mandy found it... she so cheats!!! But we had a good time. Papa gave us riddles as clues and the hiding spot was half of the gold egg attached to the door knob in the bathroom. Great hiding spot...cuz the door knob was gold also.

Hunting for eggs.
Once we got home- the next day was Easter. The Easter Bunny came and hid more eggs and their Easter baskets.
Kaylie got the funny bunny that poops jelly beans.
Lacey with her Easter Basket.
And of course, Trenton with CANDY!!!