Saturday, May 30, 2009

California for Kaylie's 16th Birthday

We decided to let Kaylie go to California for her 16th birthday. She invited her friend Emily and Max and I went with them. We spent 3 days of just relaxing, playing and having fun.
Kaylie and Emily at the beach.
Max walking along the beach. He loves when I take pictures of him.
Kaylie and Emily in front of the Hollywood sign...

Yes!!! Those are the famous hot dogs from Pinks and they were sooooo good. We got the stretch with chili, the "Ozzy", and the "Today Show".

Kaylie, Emily and I at Pinks!!! We loved everything about it- other than when we parked there was an employee there taking everyones keys so he could move cars around. Max wasn't to keen on that and reluctantly gave the keys. We had to keep encouraging him that it would be all right. And in the end, our car was still there!!!