Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pinewood Derby

Wow! It's hard to believe but this is our last time doing Pinewood Derby. Trenton is a Webelo this year and will be moving up to 11 year scouts in December. So I'm sure Max is really disappointed in that he won't be helping out with making derby cars anymore. Trenton's car didn't come in first, but it did pretty good and of course it looked awesome (with special help from his Daddy!) Trenton with his friends waiting for his car to race.
Trenton with his cool pinewood derby car.

Yeah!! Trenton's car took first in that heat. Trenton won an award for the most futuristic car

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sea World Competition

Kaylie's dance team had a competition at Sea World. We were fortunate that Brandan and Catherine let us use their beach house to stay in while we were there. We also had Madison Curtis come with us. We had such a fun time going to the competition, walking on the beach, and having a TV picnic at the beach house.

We stopped at IHOP on our way up to San Diego for dinner. Kaylie and Madi were giggly they whole time we were there. By the end of our trip the phrase for the weekend was "I Love That" started by Madison- because she loved everything.
Kaylie and Madison on the roller coaster.
Kaylie in the Polar Bear Cave.
Aren't we so cute!
Getting ready for the competiton with her team mates. Their dance took first place for Sweet Dreams.

Kaylie and Kyle Price
K-OS team
They each got to pick a name to put on the back of their jersey's. Kaylie picked Flexxx

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kite Flying

It was a nice windy day, so we decided to go to the park and fly our kites. Trenton invited his friend Jeremy and Lacey invited her friend Ashlyn. We had a fun time, especially when we finally were able to get the kites aflying.