Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary Papa and Nans!!

wow! 39 years of marriage and they are still like newlyweds....(well mostly!!) We sure love you both and hope that you have a great day celebrating all your wonderful memories... especially those first few years with your wonderful first daughter!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day I'll never forget

Today while I was driving around I noticed many neighborhoods with flags in their front yards. What a beautiful sight to see a street lined with American Flags. I then realized the significance of those flags on this days 9-11. I was sitting watching the news while doing my daughters hair for school. The images of that airplane crashing through the tower will always be in imprint in my mind. Max had worked a late shift, so he was in bed asleep. I ran in and woke him up and urged him to come and watch what had just happened. I sat glued to the TV all day watching all that transpired that day. That day changed every Americans life. The shot above reminded me of how fortunate I am to still have my freedom and all those that are serving my country so my children can experience that same freedom.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Wow! I feel like a teenager. It was so strange handing out resumes and going to interviews, but I finally have a job. I am going to be working at Banner Gateway in the ER. Max is so excited, he thinks that he will be able to quit his job and live off his wife...WISHFUL THINKING!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcom Baby Arnett

My sister Kandance had her baby last night around 6pm. He weighed in at 8'4" and 20" long. He has beautiful brownish blonde hair and is just the cutest little guy. They haven't decided on a name yet- but hopefully, they will have something picked out by the time they leave the hospital. Nolan was saying that it was Ricco at the hospital (but I don't think Kandace is going for that). Kandace did a great job- and is feeling pretty good.
What a cutie!!
The Arnett Family- Jeremy, Kandace, Mallery, Karson, Shaye, Nolan, and baby Arnett.
The kids with their new baby brother.
One proud aunt.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Rogers Campout!

We went camping up near Clint's Well, just past Payson. We had so much fun. Most of the Rogers Gang came up (except Kandace and her family and Ali and hers). We also invited Dale and Andrea (my dad's brother).

Chase and Shalyse and baby
Mattison Crew
Nate, Mandy, Beau, Brady, Ellie, and Lizzy

Dale and Andrea Family ------Chase going down the zipline.

Drew, Hailey, Jonas, Noah, Gracie, and Emma

Trenton playing baseball.

Brandan, Catherine, Lauren, Michael, Luke, Sydney, Nick, and Oliver